Splixio Unblocked

The hardest thing to do is to spend the time if you don’t have anything to do or if you are bored. School, Office, College etc. you might get bored in these places. So if you want to spend your time quickly play splixio. Splixio is an online multiplayer game which can be played via any platform.

In this game it is all about conquering and defending. You need to cover as much area as you can without being out. The score of top 10 players will be shown at the top of the screen while your score will be shown at the bottom of the screen. Once you start playing this game you will get addicted so be careful.

Splixio Unblocked – Splix.io, Start conquering

Splixio Unblocked

Splixio Unblocked

Getting problems while trying to open the online gaming portal? It is probably due to the restriction on the server setup by the employer or the school administration so you won’t be able to play while doing work. Seriously, who want to see their worker playing game on working hours but I also know that it feels like hell sometimes.

Due to this arising problems our developer have developed Splix.io unblocked which grants you the permission to play this game even there is restriction on your servers. Splixio unblocked is the new restriction lifted version of this game which can be played anywhere.

Things needed for playing splix.io game unblocked

Want to play games without having any problems then manage these things on the end. Just be sure that you already have a good web browser and a strong internet connection. For web browser my recommendation is Chrome. If you have managed these then you don’t have to wait just go and enjoy your time.

Splixio unblocked for beginners

Are you a beginner and playing this game for the first time? Are you getting confused about how to play this game? You don’t need to worry about that because after reading this article you will be a pro in this game. You will master this game in no time if you follow up the things mentioned in the article.

Be sure to get some rest because you are going to get addicted to this game. When you open the game you will see a blank space where you are going to type your name. It will be shown on the score board.

How to play Splixio or Splix.io Unblocked

  1. As you start the game, a small area will be covered with color and small ball will move. The color will represent you in the game.
  2. You can control the ball with the direction keys on the keyboard. Cover as much area as you can or assault other players.
  3. You can assault other by crossing the line from anywhere which the opponent player has left. But be careful because you might get attacked too.
  4. After covering some area return to your tiles to make them yours. Be careful because others can attack your territory also.
  5. If you are attacked “game over” will be shown if you are not able to defend but you can retry.

Click here to play Splix.io


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